How we started

              Riverbend Farms

Wayne & Gloria started out living in a mobile home and driving a VW bug as their pickup. They began their farming career in 1978 with 62 acres they had rented. Wayne also worked for his dad and milked cows for $700.00 a month and all the milk they could drink.                                                                             Whenever there was spare time Wayne would work for neighbors  in whatever way he could. He painted old barns, shingled corn cribs and rented space for ear corn he would pick in the fall. As neighbors retired they would approach us to rent their farm and we still farm those farms today. Gloria helped by canning fruits and vegtables, running for parts, raising the family and always cooking for anyone working on their farm. Our neighborhood is still at the center of our farming operation and even though most of the 1st generation has passed away we still enjoy the families who grew up here and value our times together.