Sons Chad and Lucas enjoy working together with family near by. 

Riverbend Farms operates with community help and a sense of responsibility in mind. We believe that local communities are key to building a sustainable society, especially when it comes to promoting  farm to food for the world

We employ two additional full time employees who drive tractor spring and fall and truck through the winter. During the spring and fall workload we employ an additional 10 - 12 people per shift and run two shifts. We have people on our team that have been here from 5-30 years and a wide range of ages from 18-80.  We are thankful for each one

Two key goals that drive a lot of our decisions, center on conservation and safety. About 20 years ago we farmed 500 Acres organically and after 8 years had to abandon the idea because all weed control is done with tillage and the soil erosion became unacceptable.

The second goal centers on safety. Originally, it was for my wife and 3 children. They worked every day alongside me and there are stories about close calls and angels watching over them. Today, we want everyone who works here to consider if what they are about to do is safe for themselves and others that may be around. If there is any question we need to rethink and find a safer way. With 10 grandchildren added to the farm, our eyes are on the future. 

Wayne and Gloria have been a team on this family farm for 45 years

When it comes to farming, the whole family is usually involved somehow or someway. That is surely true of this bunch.