Having grown up on a dairy farm, working 6 long days a week and chores on Sunday was just normal. Field work and bailing hay were a pleasant retreat from the everyday workload that dairy cows, beef cows, sows and sheep required.  I enjoyed working and guess I still do.

In the early years of building our farm, things were quite different than they are now. We started with one tractor, a 1070 Case. A typical day was hooking up to a field cultivator and working the field. Unhook and hookup to the planter and plant the field. Unhook the planter and hook up the sprayer to spray the field we had just planted. I remember the day I went to the bank and asked for an $18,000 loan for a second tractor. After a 6 hour meeting they finally agreed. That day was a big day for us.

This was a birds eye view of the farm as we bought it in 1982